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You're going to pass!

Are you looking for high-quality study material for the NCEES Civil PE Exam? PE Prepared is comprised of qualified engineers who have developed realistic practice exams and workshop videos to help you succeed. We love teaching and are committed to helping engineers discover and reach their full potential.

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PE Prepared was created to help engineers like you pass the Civil PE Exam on your first try, plain and simple.

PE Prepared is made up of licensed, practicing civil engineers who all passed the PE exam in one attempt. We took the exam, so we know exactly what you need to know to pass.


What we aren't

We aren't so removed from practice that we write problems that are more difficult than they need to be. We aren't a big corporation trying to profit off of your stress and studying.

When we took the PE exam we were disappointed with the price and quality of available study material. We paid hundreds of dollars for practice problems that were more difficult than the problems on the actual exam, and took too long to complete. We read review after review criticizing existing study material for being more difficult than it had to be, or too expensive. We found errors in available practice problems and poorly-written solutions that didn't help us learn.


We set out to do better.

While there are a handful of difficult problems on the PE exam, the majority of the problems are straightforward, test your understanding of "big-picture" core concepts, and test your ability to perform calculations without making mathematical mistakes. When we studied for the exam, we got the most value from using the official NCEES practice problems and we wished there were more available. PE Prepared's study material aims to closely replicate the level of difficulty of the official NCEES practice problems. Our material prepares you for the actual exam, its as simple as that.

Listen: the majority of the civil PE exam is straightforward "plug and chug." You need to be able to solve certain types of problems quickly, without making errors. You need to know your reference material so you can quickly obtain the information you need. You do not need to waste time teaching yourself every small detail you forgot from college. You do not need to practice "trick" questions, questions with multiple parts, or overly-complicated questions drawing on small details that don't come up often in practice. You probably don't need to take a class for thousands of dollars and you probably don't need to spend 300+ hours studying (unless you want to, that's great too!)


Your time is valuable, study what you need to know!

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