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Personal tutors

One-on-One Study Help

PE Prepared offers one-on-one tutoring on an on-call basis.


Tutoring takes place digitally over Zoom. We ask that all students seeking tutoring have access to:

  1. A recent version of the Civil Engineering Reference Manual by Michael Lindeburg, PE.

  2. A recent version of the official NCEES practice exam.

At this time, tutoring is provided for the following subject areas:

  • All Breadth Subjects

  • Water Resources and Environmental Depth

  • Construction Depth

  • Geotechnical Depth

Send us an email to get started scheduling an appointment! To make the most of your tutoring time, please include a list of your questions and example problems or subject areas you would like to discuss.

One-on-one tutoring is provided at a rate of $50/hr.

Minimum appointment duration is 2 hours.

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